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Book Title Athejim

The author 3rd book “Athejim” is a collection of Short stories. By now Emebet’s talent to tell a story has expanded in elegance and prose, add that to her time growing up during the turbulent times of her beloved country, the outcome is “Athejim”, a powerful collection of short stories speaking about a time of sordid calamity mixed with love and longing. This book is her way of telling what happened to that generation. Just conjure the word Athejim in your mind and the possible circumstances surrounding it - it is a female going away, maybe a daughter to parents who do not wish letting their kid leave them, but had to, maybe a young man in love unwilling to separate himself from his first love, but had to, who knows!…Attend the book signing, meet Emebet, talk to her, get the book.   

Book Title Yengus lij

Her second book “Yengus Lij” is a compilation of poems and short stories accumulated over the years, mostly based on her own life experience while growing up in Ethiopia, travelling the world as well as living here in the USA. These stories have the power to evoke sort of an out-of-body experience, to make you laugh and cry all at the same time, because you are so familiar with it, you saw it happen or it happened to you - ‘wow that is me, I did that. How did you know?” is a familiar statement uttered after reading “Yengus Lij’. Don't miss out.

Book Title Yehilm Hilm
Emebet’s 1st book, “Yehilm Hilm”, an animated collection of vibrant poems that will transform you to undergo her own experience as she trails through the world. Her poems are very passionate and filed with love and compassion, it is a book that once you read it you want to have your own copy close by while at the same time you want to give it to your friends so they get the benefit as well. It is worthy of a read.
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